Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Switching blogs

Please note we've switched our blog from this spot,, to a new one on wordpress. I won't be updating this blog anymore, but you're welcome to come check out our blog (same info, different address) at!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Our visit to Alberta - Lethbridge photos

Breakfast at the Walkers'

Gill & Dad

Ruthie figures out the stairs--and is unstoppable!

Lexie practicing on her new unicycle--that she saved up her own money for!

Jen & Dad

Ruthie exploring Grandma Walker's cupboards

Josh & Lex blowing mad bubbles

D on his favourite ride at the greatest playground in Lethbridge

make that greatest playground EVER. This merry-go-round is the best invention I've ever seen--ignore the young plumber at the front... D's standing on the right with his John Deere hat on.

cream cheese-a-holic

peeing on the Star Trek bushes...

...after posing with the "real" spaceship in Vulcan (that D would like to drive some day)

Our visit to Alberta - April 2011

So the Sedgwicks a la East made a rather quickly planned trip back west to visit family and friends, and we managed to get there in time for the Easter weekend. We spent the first part of the trip in East Coulee at Rob's folks', and then headed down to Lethbridge. Rob was only able to stay for a week, so the kids and I hauled him up to the airport and then went back down to Lethbridge for most of another week.

It was a great visit, and we're super grateful that our families were able to arrange their schedules to meet ours.

Rob rockin it old school with Sarah and Emma

Sarah and Emma with Ruthie in the playground

This baby LOVES big hairy dogs. This was right as she actually seemed to be trying to bite Theo's nose.

On the road from East Coulee to Lethbridge and the incredible amounts of water in the fields. Never seen anything like it.

There's the real Jennica!

Our favourite road sign, with our favourite mountains in the background...

Jennica with one of her Easter eggs at Grandma's.

Dawson and his stash...

Going quadding with Grandpa and Daddy in the hills around East Coulee

Kalen & his Grandpa

The Sedgwicks, east and west, and the Gerlingers

Trying real hard to be grumpy atop Auntie Steph

Riding in Grandpa's vacuum truck!

Out in the hills with a giant hoodoo

Kissy kissy! Jennica sure likes "Baby Ruth"...

Got Great-Grandma's string of spools and a nice cold glass door. What more can a baby need?

Grandma's favourite appendages

Friday, April 15, 2011

Some March photos

Ruthie and Tucker. For some reason this photo doesn't really show just how gigantic he is in comparison. (It also doesn't show what a big baby he is, whenever Ruth pulls his fur he yelps and runs. Not that that's a bad thing!)

First caterpillar of spring.

Blue up on our roof.

Dawson "directing" Ruth's deconstruction of his drawing drawer.

Our last days in Hawaii

Our ridiculously enormous rental car. I thought "full-size" meant large, but not as large as a minivan. But sure enough, this car was as long as, if not longer, than either of the minivans my sisters rented. Got to feel like an idiot for almost 2 weeks.

D fell in LOVE with this Hawaii suit. Wears it as jammies in NS (or at least, he will once it warms up enough!)

enjoying the rain on our last weekend. And yes, that's our son sitting in the water-filled gutter further up the road.

Running around barefoot in the rain. Check out the solar hot shower on the outside wall of the house...

Who's gonna be a surfer girl

Hangin outside the guesthouse in the rain

And there's the guesthouse (with a banana tree in the background!)

Well, I think Ruthie spent a little more time on that board than Rob did, unfortunately...

After Feb 4, we stayed on for an extra weekend, and slept in the small guesthouse where Mum and Dad had stayed. It seemed downright dinky after the huge main house! We made our own trip up Haleakala (we'd skipped it when the Larsens and Tufts went, because it was a very long day for those families, whereas we went up for a fraction of the time they spent).

The living room of the guesthouse

All of us together, before the Walkers, Tufts and Larsens headed off for the airport.

Hanging out in the back "yard".

Half our group went on a fishing boat for the second-last day of our trip, while the other half went to the beach. The avid fishermen among us went on the boat: Josh, Sarah, Gill, Ron, Rob S, and Dad. And caught some very fancy fish!